Our School

A Word from Principal Arteaga

 Principal ArteagaI would like to welcome everyone to Fernando R. Ledesma High School. The new  school year promises to be an exciting one, full of change and growth. Returning is a great staff who is willing to work with the students and help them achieve their maximum potential.  We congratulate those students  who have graduated and continued their higher education.  We are proud of their contributions to the community.

I am honored to be principal of Fernando R. Ledesma High School. I have spent the last twenty years as a teacher, counselor, and principal at this school, meeting many wonderful students and colleagues along the way. I have always had an open-door philosophy in my classroom and in the counseling office and plan to continue with this in my role as principal. I guarantee that you will find our campus second to none and one of the safest and welcoming school environments you will encounter.  Parents, students, staff, and community members are always welcome in my office. We are all here to serve the students. It is the school's mission to provide students with a personalized alternative education program in a safe, caring environment that focuses on state and district instructional standards, enabling students to develop into successful, productive citizens. The school realizes that many students need a second chance and that is what we are about. The school strives to create a nurturing environment where all students feel they are welcomed and supported in pursuing their educational and personal goals. Many former students return to the school to share their college and professional success stories. We look forward to having many students from the graduating class return and share their success stories as well.

The school promises a commitment to excellence and helping all students achieve their goals. The success a student has is a direct result of the effort and dedication they put into tasks and challenges ahead.  I hope you find your stay at FRLHS not only a great experience, but your best educational experience.

Remember, "Just learn, baby."

Fred Arteaga

Mission Statement

Fernando R. Ledesma High School is a continuation high school committed to a mission of providing students with a personalized alternative education program in a safe, caring environment that focuses on state and district instructional standards, enabling students to develop into successful, productive citizens.

Alternative approaches to learning and flexible academic programs are utilized to better serve the special needs of these students. The Guaranteed Guidance Program ensures that all students have an equal opportunity in all classes in all subject areas, placement is monitored by an ongoing assessment of student needs and the adjustment of programs as needs change. The school's mission supports the mission and goals of the El Monte Union High School District.